10 Overlooked Recent Horror Movies That Deserved Way Better

In Midnight in a Perfect World, four friends investigate the phenomenon after dismissing it as a hoax. Midnight in a Perfect World is a terrifying surreal totalitarianism allegory. 


1. Midnight in a Perfect World (2020)

Ghost Lab is a well-acted thriller with great visual effects that's overlooked due to its unknown cast and low ratings. Eerie cinematography adds to Wee and Gla's suspense.


2. Ghost Lab (2021)

Religious horror and revenge overshadowed Gothic convent ghost story Sister Death. Aria Bedmar plays novice nun Narcisa, a local legend for childhood holy visions.


3. Sister Death (2023)

Christina (Eva Green), a fashion designer with a mysterious illness, invites Diana (Chai Fonacier) into their home. Eva Green is the only big star, so Nocebo is ignored.


4. Nocebo (2022)

Often overlooked, the dark workplace dramedy The Conference innovates in every subgenre. The film shows municipal workers at their remote development site holding a team-building conference.


5. The Conference (2023)

Amanuda, another found-footage horror, follows a team investigating a haunted Indian forest where many locals have died or disappeared. 


6. Amanuda (2021)

Sugar Street Studio's slapstick and obscure names overshadow this horror comedy. If young content creators are convinced to set up a haunted house and film set at an old studio, it could work. 


7. Sugar Street Studio (2021)

Retired dancer Judith Albright (Barbara Hershey) is placed in a nursing home by her family in The Manor after a stroke and Parkinson's. Gothic horror The Manor, overlooked for its lack of stars, suspensefully explores nursing home strangeness and deaths. 


8. The Manor (2021)

Horror in the High Desert was overlooked because it's another found-footage horror film shot like a pseudo-documentary, but its unique approach deserves more attention.


9. Horror in the High Desert (2021)

Nic Cage's Dracula in Renfield revived the villain, but the film's low box office and ratings ignored it. Shame because the horror comedy's focus on Dracula's loyal servant Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) is great.


10. Renfield (2023)

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