10 Longest Manga of All Time

Golgo 13 by Takao Saito is unique. It began in 1968 and continued after Saito's 2021 death as the oldest existing manga. Hardboiled assassin Golgo 13 goes on multiple missions in the series.

1. Golgo 13 

Shinji Mizushima's Dokaben franchise spans numerous episodes chronicling its main protagonists' baseball careers from middle school to high school and beyond. 

2. Dokaben

Kochikame, a gag manga by Osamu Akimoto, follows downtown Tokyo police officers. The manga generally parodies current fads rather than having a main plot. 

3. Kochikame: Tokyo Beat Cops

Dai Tennoji and Rikiya Go developed Minami no Teio, a rare series. Known for his ruthlessness in debt collection, loan shark Ginjirou Manda stars in the manga. 

4. Minami no Teio  

Papa is Tochi Ueyama's homey slice-of-life cooking manga about salaryman Kazumi, a great chef who hides it from his coworkers. All manga dishes have recipes, so readers can try them. 

5. Cooking Papa

While many manga readers consider Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to be the pinnacle of ridiculous fighting comics, Baki, written by Keisuke Itagaki, is undoubtedly superior. 

6. Grappler Baki

In Yoshihiro Takahashi's Ginga manga, Gin and his descendants battle to survive in the wilderness. 

7. The Ginga Franchise

The funny yet touching Kinnikuman brand was founded by childhood friends Yoshinori Takai and Takashi Shimada (Yudetamago). Kinnikuman, a strong superhero, wrestles intergalactic characters in this Ultraman parody. 

8. Kinnikuman

George Morikawa's Hajime no Ippo is a classic sports manga. It follows boxer Ippo as he improves and fights for championships. 

9. Hajime no Ippo

Unlike other long comics, Araki's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's plot and characters change frequently. Stardust Crusaders' Stand fights, Phantom Blood's sunshine karate, and more have engulfed the Joestar family in nine parts

10. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

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