10 Funniest Peanuts Comics Where Snoopy Loses Cool

After seeing the icicles over his house, Snoopy loses his cool. He's too scared to leave his doghouse. He fears living in his doghouse forever. Lucky for Snoopy, those icicles won't last all winter.


1. Icicles Make Snoopy's Cool Facade Melt

When he sees Snoopy with a fishing pole, Linus laughs hysterically at his stupid joke. But Snoopy is unamused. The joke drives him crazy. Snoopy usually ignores insults and jokes.


2. Linus' Joke Gets Under Snoopy's Skin

World-famous author Snoopy has received too many rejection letters. This strip shows Snoopy's meltdown after another rejection. Speechless, he's stunned. Lucy's psychiatric help restores him.


3. Rejection Slip Shock Has A Bad Effect On Snoopy

Lucy panics, screaming about Snoopy's dog diseases. Snoopy is insulted by Lucy. He calls it his most insulted moment, which is saying something after being called "stupid beagle" several times.


4. Lucy Freaks Out Over Snoopy's Kiss

Linus loves his bat despite Peanuts' poor baseball team. Infuriated by teeth marks on his bat, he loses his temper with Snoopy. Even worse, Lucy admits to hitting rocks with the bat, not teeth.


5. Snoopy Goes After Linu

Woodstock calls Snoopy "Banana Nose" when he sends him a New Years' breakage bill. Offended, Snoopy smashes the bill in Woodstock's face. Although they're close, Snoopy's temper flares occasionally.


6. Don't Call Snoopy "Banana Nose"

Snoopy lends Woodstock his disguise mustache to avoid Thanksgiving dinner, but the sassy beagle demands it back. Woodstock won't return the mustache, so they argue until it breaks.


7. Snoopy And Woodstock Duke It Out Over A Mustache

This strip shows him on high alert during an imaginary battle with the Red Baron. After being snowballed by the Peanuts kids, Snoopy blames his enemy.


8. The Flying Ace Battles The Red Baron

Snoopy considers reporting Lucy's fake license to the AMA. He kicks Lucy's booth out of frustration, angering them both. Sometimes Snoopy gets angry, but usually over food.


9. Snoopy Is Not Happy With Lucy's Psychiatry Service

Snoopy panics and seeks Charlie's comfort after realizing his terrible mistake. We rarely see Snoopy lose his cool. This strip shows him losing his usual happiness due to anger, panic, and worry.


10. Charlie Brown Dares to Feed Snoopy Cat Food

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