10 Cartoon TV Shows With Huge Animation Improvements

South Park is known for its fast episode turnaround. The show started with hand-drawing each scene, even though the style is simple and lends itself to fast animation.



South Park

Family Guy followed a Simpsons-like quality and design path. Early seasons were rough and lacked detail. Once the show went to HD, the characters and backgrounds sharpened.



Family Guy

Early Adventure Time was charming with quirky character designs, but it was flat and repetitive in scene framing. The show used more dynamic shots as it progressed, especially after moving to Cartoon Network. 



Adventure Time

The Archer animated series has unique art. Unique 2D-to-3D character rendering makes it stand out. Style is key to the show's personality, but lighting and facial expressions have improved. 




Over 50 years old, Lupin The Third is a Japanese animated show. Uniquely, the series was released in seven parts with large gaps between, and the art style changed from season to season. 



Lupin The Third

Ben 10 was split into four shows between 2005 and 2014, but each was a direct continuation of the previous one. The show wasn't rebooted and changed until 2016 with a new origin story and art style.



Ben 10

Samurai Jack was a Cartoon Network show that started out like most of them, but as it went on, it changed drastically. Following almost 15 years off, the fourth and fifth seasons saw the most dramatic change. 



Samurai Jack

Pokémon is a great example of a progressive animated series. The show became smoother, cleaner, and better defined over time. The show inspired generations of fans and became a global IP. 




In 1999, Home Movies' quirky hand-drawn style attracted a small audience. Even though the show had a simple style, the creatives added shading, sharper lines, and other elements to improve it over five years. 



Home Movie

It makes sense for a 40-year-old TV show to adapt and change. New animators and techniques have changed The Simpsons' style over the years, and its 36th season is coming up. 



The Simpson

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