10 Biggest Unanswered Questions The Curse Season 2 Could Address

A short time skip in The Curse's season finale showed Asher and Whitney's pregnancy and stability. Their marriage may be tested in The Curse's second season.



Did Asher And Whitney Repair Their Marriage?

Benny Safdie's troubled HGTV producer Dougie Schecter's wife died in a drunk driving crash. However, Dougie drove drunk throughout The Curse, endangering others.



Will Dougie’s Drunk Driving Catch Up With Him?

Green Queen had problematic content and could have failed with audiences depending on how it was presented. Season 2 of The Curse may reveal how it was received.



Did The Green Queen Succeed?

The feasibility of Whitney's homes and their faux altruism could be explored in a second season of The Curse. Mirrored home exteriors have been known to kill many birds, raising animal welfare concerns.



Are Passive Homes Unfeasible?

The young girl Nala cursed Asher after he returned the $100 bill he gave her to look good on camera, giving the film its name. Since this action, Asher has faced increasingly difficult circumstances he blamed on this curse. 



Was Nala’s Curse Real?

 Due to the couple's rocky marriage and Asher's enjoyment of other men wanting to sleep with his wife, she may have become pregnant by someone else between “Young Hearts” and “Green Queen.” Curse season 2 may reveal Whitney's pregnancy.



Is Asher The Father of Whitney’s Child?

Whitney's father laughed at her promise to pay them back, so she spent it on jeans store thieves and rent-free housing, which put her in more debt. Whitney's struggle to repay these debts may affect her relationship with her parents in The Curse season 2.



How Will Whitney Pay Back Her Loans?

They were disappointed when Abshir did not thank them for their selflessness. A second season of The Curse may reveal if Asher and Whitney completed or rescinded this good deed after it failed.



Will Abshir, Nala and Hani Get To Keep Their House?

The passive home's strange conditions seemed to be to blame, but Asher realized that gravity had reversed and he had to cling to a nearby tree after leaving the house. Season 2 should reveal Nala's curse, reincarnation, or other causes.



What Caused Gravity To Reverse on Asher?

 All logic pointed to Asher being dead, but The Curse is a unique and unpredictable show, so Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie decided to continue this story they have a lot to explain.



Did Asher Die?

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