10 Best Manga Volume Cover

Even after 70 volumes and hundreds of chapters, Kishimito's artwork were magnificent. Indra, Ashura, Madara, Hashirama, Naruto, Sasuke, and Hagoromo at the center made volume 70 wonderful. 

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Naruto Volume 70 

Vagabond Volume 28 

One of fiction's most magnificent transformations was Miyamoto Musashi's from a devil and troubled child to a wise and enlightened man.

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One-Punch Man Volume 20 

The volume covers in the One-Punch Man set fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to create an exquisite work of art. 

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Chainsaw Man Volume 1 

Chainsaw Man's initial cover is its most famous, and its covers are always vibrant and full of energy. This sums up the series' tone and showcases the gore throughout. 

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Slam Dunk Volume 18 

Best sports comic Each Slam Dunk panel was beautifully drawn. Although he painted, Takehiko Inoue's coloring skills made his covers stand out before readers opened the book. 

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Tokyo Ghoul Volume 13 

The dark and haunting art of Tokyo Ghoul's 13th volume captures the story's tone. Investigators stormed Anteiku, a ghoul hangout, on a wintry night.

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Vinland Saga Volume 16 

After what had occurred to him in his early years, it was nearly unthinkable to envision Thorfinn leading a quiet life, but he did. 

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One Piece Volume 60 

One Piece's 60th volume's cover wasn't noteworthy, but it was the most emotional. After the epic Marineford arc.

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Sakamoto Days Volume 7 

Sakamoto Days, a new series, has garnered attention for its action-packed premise that evokes John Wick and Shonen Jump's greatest art in years.

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Death Note Volume 12 

Death Note's last cover showcased its intriguing imagery and story. On the cover, Light, L, Near, and Mello were featured, and the protagonist raised his hands in a cross to represent his ego and God. 

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